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Solar panel installation in Western Australia

City Point Solar is a group of professionals who have been working in this industry for the past ten years. We are driven by a strong desire to assist more residential and commercial properties in making the switch to solar. You, like the rest of our customers, can have faith in us.

Our philosophies are experience, hard work, and a desire to provide the best solar installation services possible. Our company strives to provide the best solar installation services at a reasonable price!

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Why Choose Us?

At City Point Solar, we provide complete solar solutions, from planning to installation and maintenance. We install solar panels in Western Australia because we believe in providing the best service possible, including 0% financing options. Aside from that, we make certain that you receive timely maintenance from experts.

  • 01 Solar Installation

    We have a team of highly skilled solar designers and installers staff.

    They offer complete solutions that include supply, installation, and grid connection.

  • 02 Repair & Maintenance

    Our installation team adheres to high safety standards and provides documents that fall under the category of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).

    We handle all documentation to ensure the safe and continuous operation of your solar system.

    And, to complete our tasks, we use high-quality products from manufacturers with industry-leading warranties.

  • 03 Most Trusted Solar Retailer

    We keep our consumers happy by being transparent and providing prompt customer service.

    City Point Solar’s electricians are licenced, which means they can assist you install Grid Connection and avoid the need for a second visit to repair your solar panel. We also provide a 25-year warranty on our panels.

Why Choose Us?


In Australia, City Point Solar is a well-known company that provides solar panel systems and also installs them. It teaches you how to harness the power of the sun so that you may live a stress-free and self-sufficient existence.


The globe is moving towards solar power systems as energy prices continue to rise and stress people’s pockets. The world, including Australia, is now conscious of environmental challenges caused by overconsumption of natural resources. As a result, individuals are turning to solar energy to lessen their carbon footprints.



Commercial PV panels are a kind of solar panel system. It gives companies a boost by assisting them in becoming more ecologically friendly via the use of green energy. Excessive use of fossil fuels is a global problem, and the world is turning to solar energy to find a solution.



A solar inverter is a photovoltaic (PV) inverter that runs on sunshine. It is an electrical converter that transforms the direct current (DC) of a PV solar panel board to alternating current (AC) that may be utilised in a commercial or domestic electrical matrix.



Solar panels become more helpful when combined with an energy storage system. Solar panels provide electricity for just a few hours when used alone. When combined with an alternating current battery to store the energy, solar panels may provide electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • In Western Australia, how much do solar panels cost?

    The cost of your new solar system will be determined by the size of the installation as well as the number of kilowatts (kW) of solar panels you install.

  • How much money will you save if you use solar energy?

    You might save anything from a few hundred to thousands of dollars every year. You may lower your power expenses in half, two-thirds, or completely.

  • How do solar panel boards capture and convert sunlight into energy?

    The solar panel system collects sunlight throughout the day after being installed on your rooftop, garden, or open area. The photovoltaic effect is then used to convert it to electricity. Solar panels are made up of silicon cells, which are an active material. During the day, it is exposed to sunlight, and electrons flow via an electrical circuit.

  • How Solar inverter transfers energy from DC to AC electricity?

    DC is an abbreviation for direct current power generated by solar panels. A solar inverter is linked to an electrical cable, which is normally situated near the switchboard. AC (alternating current) power is used by most appliances in homes and businesses. The inverter turns DC energy into alternating current energy.

Thank you to City Point Solar for being such amazing installers. I’ve already recommended them to relatives and friends, and I would strongly suggest them to others.

John Harding

Thank you to City Point Solar for their excellent installation services. I have already recommended them to relatives and friends, and I would suggest them to others without hesitation. thanks a lot.

Mark Henry

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