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About Us

Who we are

City Point Solar is committed to offering the finest service, experienced guidance, and fair prices. Because we understand how crucial it is to have power on a budget, City Point Solar develops, installs, and attaches a solar panel system to your home, office, or apartment. As a result, we provide you with a fair and cost-effective Solar PV System that will completely satisfy you. That is why we maintain open communication with our clients so that you may leave stress-free.

Solar System

In general, solar energy is heat, and the Sun emits radiant light. At City Point Solar, we create energy using technologies such as solar power, which includes solar water heating and solar architecture.

And your search for the greatest solar system has come to a conclusion.

You will not only reduce your energy usage and cost by converting to City Point Solar, but you will also have the ability to utilise energy independently. It will also assist you in eliminating your own carbon footprints.

So, what are you holding out for? Contact us now and let us help you build your solar system with panels and battery storage at a reasonable price.


Paying more for power than you earn?

City Point Solar offers an answer for you!

Join us to get a solar panel system and save your power expenses immediately by going solar. Also, be certain that you are not paying for electricity, but rather for the use of solar energy from the Sun.


With the Solar panel installation service, we want to inspire individuals to lower their own carbon footprints. Using solar energy may help you make a beneficial environmental effect. It produces enormous amounts of clean, renewable power while emitting no glasshouse gases.

A Quick Overview of the City Point Solar Advantages

Solar Energy Production Can Help the Environment

Solar technology is advancing to create endless energy since it is lightweight, versatile, and economical.

Low Maintenance and Low Cost

Begin saving more than 20% on your monthly power cost.

Backend Support & Simple Installation

You may generate your own green energy and help the environment by using City Point Solar.