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50KW Solar System

A 50kw solar system is ideal for powering large companies. As a result, a 50kw solar system is frequently referred to as a commercial system. It is made up of high-efficiency solar panels, solar accessories, a solar inverter, solar batteries, and other components. It is a large-capacity solar power producing system that is often put on commercial buildings or in places where solar energy is in great demand.

This method assists companies in achieving and using 100% solar energy, hence lowering their power bill expenditure. A 50kw solar system may produce around 6000 units each month over the course of a year. This amount of electricity is sufficient to power schools, medium-sized industries, hotels, enterprises, and other places.

You may save enough money by lowering your power use by investing in a 50kw solar system. You’ll need around 300 square metres of shadow-free area to build your 50kW solar panel installation. You may also ask City Point Solar pros to customise your 50kW solar system to match your specific demands, including the battery backup so that you can easily power your load.

Advantages of a 50kw Solar Panel System

  • Install a 50kW solar panel system and you will see a return on your investment within a few years.
  • By installing 50kw, you can simply store sunshine and convert it into energy to use, saving you a significant amount on your power expenses.
  • It includes a 25-year panel guarantee as well as City Point Solar backend assistance anytime you need it.
  • You may even track your energy use by replacing your present metre with a solar metre.
Contact City Point Solar to get your 50kw solar panel installation professionally.

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