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Solar Batteries

Growatt Battery

The Growatt GBLI6531 lithium battery is well-known for its 6.5kWh capacity. It was created for home usage to store energy and has an estimated flow of 3.3kW.

Huawei Luna Battery

The Huawei LUNA battery unit is an excellent choice for use with any Huawei inverter. The LUNA may be tailored to meet your specific energy needs.

The battery is built in a modular fashion. Rather of purchasing an extra battery, consider purchasing a Huawei LUNA battery to store energy.

Alpha ESS Battery

The Alpha ESS (10.3kWh) battery is a high-tech modular battery. It has a variety of features, sophisticated design, and functionality, all of which are automatically updated via the internet.

It includes an easy-to-use interface and provides real-time profit at a reasonable price. The 10.3kWh battery can continuously monitor your electrical statistics.