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What to Do About the ABB / Power-One Aurora Int Error E031

Have you just passed your ABB or Power-One solar inverter and noticed an Int. Error E031 error message?

According to the ABB / Power-One Aurora operator’s manual, Int. Error E031 indicates an incorrect voltage measurement or an inverter voltage misreading. In other words, there is a problem with the inverter’s voltage measurement. In our experience, E031 errors are the result of malfunctioning relays within the inverter. The E031 Error is an internal error, which necessitates the replacement of your inverter.

Internal Error E031 Defect – ABB / Power-One Aurora Warranty Coverage
If your ABB or Power-One Aurora inverter is displaying the Int. Error E031, the good news is that it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. However, warranty coverage is contingent on the inverter being within its warranty period. ABB / Power-One solar inverters came with a standard 5-year warranty, so they must have been installed within the last 5 years for a warranty claim to be valid.

ABB / Power-One Aurora Inverter Int. Error E031 Fault – What To Do
If your ABB / Power-One Aurora inverter was installed within the last five years, the warranty should still apply. Please contact the manufacturer directly in that case. Warranty coverage for Power-One and ABB solar inverters is provided by a company called FIMER.

Power-One and ABB warranties are honoured by FIMER, who can be reached at 1800 769 663.
If the 5-year warranty on your ABB / Power-One Aurora inverter with the Internal Error E031 has expired, we recommend replacing it with a new, high-quality unit. You can attempt to have the faulty internal relays repaired; however, in our experience, it does not take long for another problem to develop, even after the relays have been repaired. If this occurs, you will be forced to spend more money, so it makes sense to purchase a new inverter with a full warranty from the start. Fronius solar power inverters are a perfect replacement for ABB / Power-One Aurora inverters and come with a lengthy 10-year parts warranty.