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Want $0 Electricity Bills? On-Grid Solar Beats Batteries

26 August, 2023

When considering the acquisition of rooftop solar panels and batteries, individuals are driven by a diverse range of motives. Some seek financial savings, many are motivated by environmental concerns, tech enthusiasts are intrigued by the technology, and some are drawn to the trendiness of the concept. However, amidst these motivations, there are instances of confusion where individuals mistakenly order a battery, thinking it to be artillery or perhaps a chicken.

Yet, one prevailing motivation in our society is rooted in love – the love for freebies. In this case, it’s the affection for free electricity. It’s safe to acknowledge the desire for $0 electricity bills, and you’re in good company here.

Nonetheless, in the pursuit of free electricity, mistakes can occur. The allure of getting something for free often short-circuits our rational thinking. This allure can be so compelling that individuals might disregard the amount they have to spend to attain it. To help prevent such missteps and safeguard your bank account from short-circuiting, I’m here to present your options for reducing your electricity bills to $0.

Three Options for $0 Electricity Bills

Several pathways exist to eliminate your electricity expenses completely. One approach is not only financially and ecologically sensible but involves the installation of a substantial solar power system. This system can potentially pay for itself and is often the most advantageous investment for numerous Australian households. While achieving $0 bills through a large-scale system might not always be feasible, it’s still wise to get as close to that goal as practically achievable.

Additionally, there are a couple of alternative methods, which currently lack financial justification, involving the purchase of home batteries. These approaches might become more reasonable in the future, and they certainly should. However, if your primary aim is to save money, investing in batteries at the moment won’t fulfill that goal.

The three primary avenues to reach an average yearly electricity expense of $0, while maintaining a comfortable level of usage, are as follows:

  1. Install sufficient rooftop solar panels to generate surplus electricity that offsets your bills.
  2. Combine rooftop solar panels with an on-grid battery system.
  3. Employ rooftop solar panels, multimode inverters, a generator, and ample battery capacity to disconnect from the grid.

The first option is the simplest and potentially profitable. However, achieving $0 bills might require you to be a modest electricity consumer or to possess a large roof and ideally a three-phase power connection.

The second option, involving a battery while staying connected to the grid, could lead to $0 bills, but the cost of batteries at present doesn’t justify the investment for the average household. After accounting for capital expenses, the equation doesn’t tip in your favor. While it could reduce the number of solar panels needed, it won’t be kind to your wallet.

Lastly, permanently going off-grid is a significant expense. Even if your home is fully equipped for off-grid living, it might still be more financially sensible to stay connected due to the potential value of feed-in tariffs outweighing grid supply costs.

On-Grid Solar