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Terms & Conditions

Our contracts with you are the City Point Solar Terms & Conditions and the quote. Please read them attentively in order to completely comprehend this material.


Our Terms and Conditions are based on what we mean. For further information, please read the whole page.

Contract for City Point Solar

The document you filled out and signed certifies that the installation was completed and that our crew has been commissioned for their work:

  1. What is the operation of the solar system?
  2. How are solar systems cared for?

City Point Solar Company

“Our,” “we,” “us,” or “firm” refer to City Point Solar, a Western Australian company. The terms “you,” “your,” and “customer” relate to the individual who receives our quote and approves our contract form..

In the Quotation and Contract Form, the term “system” refers to the photovoltaic solar power system, which comprises solar panels, wiring, inverter, switchboard, and electrical safety certification.

Our Terms & Conditions refer to the “Agreement” between you and City Point Solar.

System Installed by City Point Solar

City Point Solar commits to sell you the solar system, transport it, and install it at your home, as specified in the agreement.

You agree to purchase a solar system from City Point Solar in order to have your solar panels delivered and installed at your house or any other location specified in the agreement.

The following papers have been acknowledged by both parties as part of the City Point Solar agreement with you:

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Quotation and Contract Form
  3. Privacy Policy

When you complete our Quotation and Contract Form, you enter into an agreement with City Point Solar.

If you discover any discrepancy between the Quotation and the Contract Form, the Terms and Conditions will determine the amount of the discrepancy.

If your system design differs significantly from what was stated at any time throughout the contract, you will get a full refund.

If our product material is not available on the day of installation at your house, City Point Solar will arrange for a product of higher or equal value to be delivered on time. However, you must first clarify and agree on it. Your signature will be needed to confirm this.

Cost of Solar System and Payment

On the Quotation and Contract Form, City Point Solar will state the total amount due as well as the mode of payment chosen by you.

The overall cost of the solar system must be determined before the day of installation. If you pay by electronic funds transfer, please sure to download or have a receipt of the transfer amount and send it to our office or provide it to our installer.

City Point Solar has the right to levy daily interest on any delayed payments.

City Point Solar has the right to reclaim the remaining cost, including the legal charge, from you for the accounts you use.

However, when you agree with City Point Solar, discounted systems do not satisfy any online deals.

Delivery and Installation of the Solar System

City Point Solar can arrange for the system to be delivered and installed at your home or business. If you want to guarantee that your system installation respects Australian standards and requirements, we only utilise CEC approved qualified electricians or installers.

If you fall into one of the following categories, City Point Solar may need to modify your installation date:

  1. Where there is a shortage of equipment and stocks
  2. If there is a shortage of installer availability
  3. If the weather is not fine
  4. If the customer’s property is unanticipated for installation or may require additional equipment to install the system
  5. And you may have changed your installation date.

If your switchboard does not meet current safety requirements and has to be replaced. You are obligated to pay for the same in this circumstance.

If we discover that site access is problematic or that the property is not as described by the client on the Quotation and Contract Form, we will charge you an extra fee to safeguard the safety of our installers and yours.

If necessary, the customer’s power metre will comply to the modification, and the cost of replacement is your responsibility. Because of the installation of the solar PV system, the electricity tariff may vary. You must contact your electrical vendor to confirm the electricity costs.

When the installation is finished Until you get your Solar Meter, you must keep the system switched off. If the system is switched on before the solar metre is installed, City Point Solar is not responsible for any extra costs.

It is also recommended that you be there on the day your solar system is installed. If you are not there, City Point Solar maintains the right to reschedule the installation procedure day and charge you for an additional visit.

While our expert is on duty to professionally instal your system and prevent any breakage during installation, it is your obligation to have a spare tile on hand for replacement. If necessary, our experienced installers will replace the tile or silicone.

Before installing your system equipment, City Point Solar has the right to examine it. If they discover a flaw and the source of a system failure, they may not be held accountable. You must replace it before the warranty expires.

*Unless you obtain a formal authorization from City Point Solar, you may not modify this agreement or the Terms & Conditions.