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Solis Inverter

Solis Inverters are the result of almost 20 years of research, design, engineering, and production. Solis Inverter is responsible for being at the leading edge of inverter technology.

It is trustworthy and provides the finest quality assurance by manufacturing and assembly professionals, but it does not completely prevent third-party supply chains.

The inverter also provides a strong return on investment to end customers. It is a versatile device that ranges from 1kW to 60kW.

Our battery-ready inverters have the greatest energy resistance in the industry and are IP65 approved for a wide variety of operating circumstances.

Solis solar inverters provide 24-hour customer service via solar specialists in our local Australian agency and partners. Solis single-phase and three-phase hybrid inverters are reduced at City Point Solar. Contact our experts for further information and pricing.

Solis Inverters Feature :

  • Advanced design, lightweight & easy installation
  • Easy UI & Optional Wifi Interface
  • High transformation frequency
  • Maximum performance over 97.8%
  • Best-in-class MPPT design & algorithm
  • MPPT capability over 99.5%
  • Standard and premium warranty benefits
  • In-built battery and future-proof