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#1 Solar Panel Installation Company in Perth, Australia

City Point Solar is a proudly owned and operated West Australian solar enterprise. We passionately believe in cost, quality, and efficiency, and our products are among the most famous and trusted solar brands in the world.


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The majority of solar installers have a solar license. We are licensed as a solar, electrical, roofing, and general construction contractor. So you can be certain that you're receiving the greatest system available.
  • Smooth installation + rapid after-sales support Equals in-house installation teams.
  • Due to in-house installers, the installation capacity is quite high.
  • There will be no cold calling for business.
  • The majority of installs are completed within two business days following enrolment.
  • If necessary, INSTALLERS will conduct a site inspection.

City Point Solar is a world-class organization dedicated to green energy and home efficiency. We have just one goal: to make solar as accessible to the typical Australian customer as possible!


We are West Australians with pride (who just happens to be very, very good at solar).


We are roofing specialists that will preserve your roof and do the work correctly.


We are not a sales firm, and we never outsource the actual job.


We're with you every step of the way, providing complete transparency and guidance.

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  • Meet Our Solar Champions

    City Point Solar invites you to meet with our solar champions, who have installed hundreds of solar systems around Western Australia. Our team members' skill has made them adaptable solar ninjas. Our No. 1 solar panel installation business Perth is already here for you, from planning the solar system installations in a little area in your home to installing the solar powerhouse for your huge commercial area.

  • We’re Good Listeners

    Trust us because we have a strong reputation as a solar installation business Perth that listens well. We prioritise our clients' expectations and ideas. So, if you have any suggestions or suggestions for us, we will listen to them and assure your complete pleasure with the solar installation.

  • 10+ Years Experience in the Industry

    The firm is made up of a team of Solar panel installation Perth specialists that have more than 10 years of expertise installing not only home but also industrial solar systems. We are proud of the many abilities we have earned throughout the years. Aside from installing solar panels, we can also assist you in installing a solar inverter Perth to provide enough backup when required.

  • Teamed up by Tier 1 Brands

    City Point Solar has partnered with Tier 1 Brands that manufacture the highest quality solar panels and accessories required for installation services. The products offer the lifespan and sturdiness required for the investors' 100% ROI, whether for residential or commercial solar system installations.

  • We Quote an Affordable Cost

    We provide an affordable cost estimate for expert solar system installation services. Here, you get a completely customizable solar panel installation service, and we're always ready to quote a market-standard price.

  • Get our Free Consultation

    Aside from running a business, City Point Solar is committed to educating more people about the incredible benefits of solar installation. Give us a call if you want to learn more about it and the benefits and drawbacks of installing the panels. Our experts will contact you to schedule a free consultation.