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SMA Inverter

SMA is a producer and operator of solar inverters for grid-connected photovoltaic systems, off-grid energy supplies, and backup services. The firm has offices and subsidiaries in 18 different countries.

SMA has long been regarded as one of the most reliable string inverter manufacturers in the solar industry. SMA solar inverters, on the other hand, launched Sunny Boy, which is regarded as the finest inverter for “typical” grid-tied solar panel installations.

It’s a very versatile, high-quality inverter. However, if you’ve constructed a common fixed-mount panel system that receives full sunlight year round, the Sunny Boy can store enough boost energy to keep you off the grid.

SMA also offers the Sunny Island for standalone panel systems as well as off-grid and on-grid battery units, as well as the Sunny Boy Storage and Sunny Central Storage for grid-tied battery units of various sizes.

The inverter is combined with units for energy control, system analysis, and data assessment, as well as services for full-scale PV power plant activities and maintenance.