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Leapton Solar Panel

Leapton Energy, headquartered in Japan, ships panel boards to over 30 countries. Leapton has built a strong PV brand over the previous eight years by using cutting-edge panel manufacturing technology that is compatible with Japanese engineering.

Leapton Solar Panel has over 300 dealers and warehouses worldwide. They have in-house project management and dynamic equipment procurement. They even provide best-in-class panels at a lower cost than their rivals.

In addition, the firm offers novel PV units and mounting methods for residential and commercial solar purposes.

Their panel boards are manufactured at a variety of utility-grade factories in Japan and Europe, and they are available in basic black frames and 1500V series.

Meanwhile, all of their solar unit components are TIV, IEC, ISO, OHSAS, BIS, and CEC certified. This ensures precision and long-term functioning.

City Point Solar is an authorised Leapton solar provider in Australia, offering trade and assistance on low price categories.

Leapton Solar PV Features :

  • Maximum unit productivity of 19.6%
  • Rigorous Japanese quality testing.
  • Higher rapport.
  • 15 years product warranty certificate.
  • 25 years operation warranty.
  • Security control conformity.
  • Low-moderate performance and ISO 9001 and IEC Certifications.