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How many solar panels do I need for 10KW?

If you want to move to an alternative energy source from conventional energy sources for your home or company, City Point Solar recommends purchasing a 10KW solar system. The 10KW solar panel system is ideal for big residential and small commercial sites since it produces enough energy to meet your requirements.

However, how many solar boards do you need for a 1,200 square foot home? Then we can tell you that there are several sizes of panels available on the market to meet your needs, whether you have a small or large house.

For example, if you have a 1,200 sq ft house with two people, you may not consume as much power as the other home with two adults and two adolescent children.

Even though the house is the same size, a family of four need a larger solar system. As a result, determining the number of boards necessary based only on a household’s square footage is difficult.

Putting up a solar panel system is like to putting together a puzzle. It is difficult to assemble the final product if you do not have all of the necessary components.

The items and pieces required to get started are listed below.

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Installing Solar Panels

Although your house will be a piece of your panel’s puzzle. However, the following aspects must be considered:

The amount of electricity you use

The amount of daily sunshine you get in your region

The quantity of usable roof space

The kind of solar panel boards you choose

How frequently and how much power do you consume on a regular basis? Net Metering allows you to track your power use for 6 to 12 months. You can also calculate your annual power use using this.

Install your solar system where the sun shines since the quantity of direct sunlight your panels get is determined by where you live. That is why Net Metering is so effective.

As a result, we offer tools like the NREL State Solar Resource Map and huge local weather station information to assist you determine the amount of sunlight you get in your area.

Australia is one of the greatest places for getting enough sunlight to power your home appliances.

How to Determine How Many Solar Panels You Will Need

A simple calculation is used to estimate the size of the system you desire based on the criteria listed above. As an example, consider the following: kWh per year divided by 1200 is the size of the solar panel system required (KW).

However, our real solar system model will include various more aspects. However, you will be able to identify accurately as a result of this.

We will analyse your free roof space or land if you have it on the ground after you have requested the kW and then decide on your budget.

If open space or land is an issue, we will recommend better performance panel boards to keep the footprint small and productive.

If there is more available room to work with, a decent panel may be chosen.

Size of Solar System and Panel Cost

5KW required the use of 16 panels.

20KW requires the use of 61 panels.

50KW requires the use of 157 panels.

100KW requires 438 panels.

556 panels are required for 200KW.