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Growatt Battery

The Growatt GBLI6531 lithium battery is well-known for its 6.5kWh capacity. It was created for home usage to store energy and has an estimated flow of 3.3kW.

The 6.5kWh battery is notable for its small size and ease of installation. It is made of Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4), which is well-known for its safety, low self-flow, and extended life cycle, and is often used by battery manufacturers.

These batteries are made and intended to be connected in parallel in order to boost the capacity of your solar PV system. A total of 13kWh may be obtained by connecting two batteries. It implies it can handle practically all domestic applications and household appliances, but it falls short on the business front.

A Battery Management System (BMS) manages and monitors the batteries while also providing the purchaser with an online interface via which they may access and manage their power use.

The Growatt battery is unique in that it can be put inside or outside and has IP55 protection against dirt and water flow.

However, bear in mind that the battery can operate at temperatures ranging from 10°C to 50°C, indicating that it can withstand the Australian climate.

The battery is designed to work with either single-phase or three-phase Growatt battery inverters. It may be installed during the installation of a solar PV system.