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Goodwe Inverter

Over the years, Goodwe has established itself as one of the top Chinese inverter manufacturers, and is considered by some in the solar industry to be on par with certain well-known European manufacturers.

Goodwe, formerly known as Jiangsu Goodwe Power Supply Technology Co Ltd, was founded in 2010 and entered the competitive Australian solar industry in 2012.

While the first Goodwe inverters were limited to a few types, the organisation currently offers a wide selection of residential, commercial, and utility inverters. Along with other power storage devices, the company has traded over 2 million inverters worldwide.

This accomplishment led Goodwe solar inverter to manufacture customised inverter solutions for a number of well-known firms, including GE and LG energy.

Specialized technical innovation has always been a centre of expertise at Goodwe, prompting the company to manufacture one of the world’s first hybrid inverters in 2014, followed by a DC-coupled retrofit power stockpile solution in 2015.

This expertise established the company as one of the top household hybrid inverter solutions.