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Fronius Inverter

Fronius is a top-tier provider of the solar grid, which includes inverters. They provide a broader selection of very helpful grid-tied inverters that can be optimally paired with all solar components and systems of all sizes. Fronius solar inverters are extremely simple to set up.

It provides first-rate service and guarantees the practical safety of PV systems.

Since 1945, Fronius has been researching innovative methods for converting electrical power.

They discovered battery charging technology and then expanded it to over 64 nations. They received 1008 patents for their research and development centre.

They manufactured:

  • Single-phase, Primo Series (3 KW to 8.2 KW)
  • Three Phase, Symo Series (3 KW to 20 KW).
  • Eco Series (25 KW & 27 KW).
  • Tauro Series (100 KW) inverters

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Features of Fronius Inverter :

  • The inverter becomes Integrated Data Transmission.
  • Zero Feed-In Ability.
  • Smart Grid with Ready Inverter.
  • Functional plug-in card slots.
  • Dynamic Peak Supervisor.
  • The inverter has over 98% performance.
  • Warranty up to 7 years